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4G Video Streamer


Bringing live video from any event like sports, street demonstrations or a natural catastrophe was only possible via a satellite link until recently. XAD 4G streamer offers an extremely cost effective solution by aggregating multiple 3G/4G channels and transmitting live video from anywhere in the coverage area in HD quality.

Load balancing multiple transmission channels ensures inherent content security, quality and continuity of video footage independent of signal strength from a particular mobile service provider.

In a coverage area, XVIDS hardware continuously check link quality and schedule uploading of video packets accordingly. At the receiver end, video packets are collected from the internet, reassembled seamlessly and presented as a standard RTSP/RTP compliant video stream playable on any freely downloadable media player or any video management system. XAD video management system (XVMS) offers video distribution in multiple control rooms connected over the IP network.

XAD 4G streamer offers Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) control of remote cameras and two way audio communication as an option. XAD 4G streamer can be set as a fully automated plug and play system without any user intervention at the camera source requiring no specialist knowledge of operation.

4G Video Streamer can be deployed on a short notice and suitable for fixed, portable and mobile applications. It is a scalable and flexible solution which can be deployed in a variety of situations:

Possible Deployment Scenarios:

  • Police vehicles for transmission of live video to central control room.
  • Fire engines to transmit live video of an incident.
  • Ambulances to transmit live video stream of injured to the hospital.
  • Disaster recovery vehicles to send live video footage to operations room.
  • TV crew to cover an event live.
  • Construction sites to send live video footage of progress.
  • Getting video stream from aerial vehicles.

Key Features:

  • Low Operational Cost.
  • Plug and Play Deployment.
  • Scalable Solution.
  • Flexible Architecture.
  • Tested at 120km/h.
  • Field Proven.

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