Integrated Security and Automation

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Building Management System


SciFlair Building Management Solution offers monitoring and control for HVAC devices and interoperability between different vendor equipment viewable on a common graphical user interface.


  • Easy to integrate and interoperate across vendors and system types
  • Flexible scalability for incorporating future expansions
  • Monitoring of all analog and binary input, output and variable values
  • Utilization of ScadaEngine BACNetX enables various alarms criteria
  • Coupling different types of LANs via BACnet routers and gateways
  • On screen, email and SMS alert notifications
  • Integrated security management systems and CCTV integration
  • Remote system monitoring and control
  • Alarm template configuration for various scenarios
  • Maintenance planning and auto-reminders


  • Interoperability
  • User Efficiency
  • BACnet Compatibility
  • Lower Utility Cost
  • Eco Friendly


  • Temperature Alarm
  • Humidity Alarm
  • Smoke & Fire Alarm
  • Airflow Alarm
  • Filter Alarm
  • Trip Alarm
  • Malfunction Alarm

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